Ben Dusak

Ben Dusak Started composing when he was 16 with a Commodore Amiga 1200. Belonged to the demo group called Polygon, pioneers in the Spaish electronic scene in the 90ts by creating an innovative live audio visual act that consisted in using two Commodore’s and a PC along with there own software. Polygon performed at festivals such as: Live dance Festival 96, Tribal Nation, Fimes 96 and 97.

Putting aside his music career for a few years he opened The Squirrel Club in Estepona (Malaga) becoming the home of Raveface’s headquarters of retransmission, (the first Spanish electronic music radio station on the net). In 2001 Ben created Dance kulture, promoting unforgettable events on the Costa del Sol.

After a few years he worked as a booker for Satisfaxion (precursor of the dance scene in the south of Spain), combining this work, he performed at festivals such as: RC01, RC02, Evantec in Madrid and Retro Alandalus in Cadiz. He published a track in the third edition of the cd recompilation Break Beat Series and in Budweiser’s first Clubbing Producers, sharing a track list with names such as Oscar Mulero, Cycle, Peter Paul, HD Substance, Xpansul to name a few.

As dj in Ibiza he was support to bands such as Chicks on Speed and The Asian Dub Foundation at Urban Festival, Mambo and Km5. He has performed at festivals such as Klubbers Day (Madrid) and presentación de Elctronic Festival (Gijón) along side artists such as Anthony Rother, Juan Atkins, Codec and Flexor, Laurent Garnier, Richie Hawtin, Hell, James Holden…

Currently Dusak is based in Barcelona where he edits under his own label Hatchetts Records, producing electro house, tech and minimal electro. As well as, creating specific tracks for artistic choreographies, sound tracks, jingles and audio montages for theatrical plays and let us not forget, his work as vocalist that he accompanies with acting and modeling. Keep checking back and don’t miss out on his latest tracks!!!